Mafia 3 Live Action Trailers

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In addition to the Cinematic Trailers 2K Games created, they also released a live-action trailer revealing the demise of a Mafia Boss at the hands of Lincoln Clay.

Death Suits You

(Alternated Take)

Drive Like a Madman

Behind the Scenes

TrueMOBSTER’s Live-Action

Russian Live-Action “Victims”

2K Games and the Company “SoftKlab” are a series of videos “Victims”, based on the expected criminal fighters Mafia III from the studio Hangar 13. The main role in each story sang popular YouTube, the well-known YouTube users. All of them were in the role of owners of various establishments of New Bordeaux – the city in which Lincoln announced Glue the Italian mafia war. All of them – the victim.

In the first story leading “This is good,” the popular sitcom Stas Davydov turned into a barber shop owner, survived a raid one of the closest assistants of Lincoln.


Russian “Victims” #2

The second suffered at the hands of the closest assistants of Lincoln has become a popular blogger and longtime host of the show UsachevToday Ruslan Usachev – he embodied the image of a pizzeria owner.

Russian “Victims” #3

In the final part the history of the bar owner, the surviving raid one of the closest assistants of Lincoln, performed popular IT blogger and a leading channel Wylsacom Valentin Petukhov.



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