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Mafia III: The Rise And Fall Of Sal Marcano

A comicbook about Sal Marcano in New Bordeaux…

Dark, gritty, and based on the hit video game, Mafia III: The Rise and Fall of Sal Marcano explores the brutal world of organized crime.

New Bordeaux is a city on the edge of the bayou—and on the edge of chaos. A hazy, fictional recreation of New Orleans in the 1960s, New Bordeaux is the kind of town where violence is the only way to survive and crime is the only way to get ahead. When gang warfare pushes the city to the brink, its citizens will discover the bayou can swallow a lot of secrets. And a lot of blood.

Brought to vivid life by top comic artist Richard Pace, Mafia III features the expansive world building and harsh realism that fans have come to expect from the Mafia video game series. With an original story that tells the rise to power of Sal Marcano by famed comic-noir writer Frank Tieri, this graphic novel is a new piece of the Mafia universe that fans will want to return to again and again.…dp/1608879984/


Mafia III: Plain of Jars

A pulp paper back featuring Donovan + Lincoln in Laos…

Before Lincoln Clay laid waste to New Bordeaux in his quest for vengeance against the Italian mob, he did a hard tour in Vietnam. In this authorized prequel to the hit game Mafia III, Clay learns the deadly skills he will put to good use back in New Bordeaux–first as an Army grunt, then as a Special Forces soldier running covert ops for the CIA.

Teaming up with his CIA handler, John Donovan, Clay leads a secret mission to take down a communist warlord on the edge of the legendary Plain of Jars in Laos. But he can’t do it alone. First, he has to win over the people of the village of Vang Khom, including the beautiful Sho. Then he has to form them into an army that can defeat the warlord’s superior forces, using nothing but his street-honed wits combined with the guerilla tactics he’s learned in the jungle. Victory seems to be finally within his grasp when he is betrayed by one of his closest allies, leading to a wild chase and an epic confrontation out among the ancient monuments, where his former friend becomes one of the first to discover what grim fate awaits those who cross Lincoln Clay.…/dp/1608879933

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