Marine Mission 3 (1st vs 2nd Draft)

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It’s seldom the final product matches the original concept. During Aliens vs. Predator 2 one of my levels went through various style and gameplay changes. Presented here is the Pre-Alpha and Beta versions. For fans or developers, it offers an interesting comparison for how the level evolved over time.

“Betrayal” is Mission 3 in the Marine campaign which takes place in the Forward Observation Pods suspended over a canyon on the planet LV-1201. The main character Harrison is captured and labeled as an escaped convict. When trying to contact his team, he encounters Tomiko who’ll help Harrison only if he retrieves information on illegal activities taking place there.

While it was team effort to create this level, I was the level designer responsible for its layout, construction, baseline scripting, lighting, and partial texturing.

Pre-Alpha Version

COMING SOON… Designer Notes for this video!

Watch the complete exploration of this level where both Marine and Alien missions occur.

Beta Version

I later updated the style and layout of this level to match the Nostromo visuals found in the first ‘Alien’ movie. Take a look at this new style and gameplay change for what was released in 2001.

COMING SOON… Designer Notes for this video!


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  1. Dan Miller says:

    Just strolling down memory lane! Those were good days- AVP2. Hard work though! I’m a bit curious where you got the Alpha footage! We really turned this game around at the end, didn’t we?

  2. Nate says:

    Yeah, we were really hitting our stride when the game wrapped! I found this Alpha footage in a build archive. There’s a lot of other lost bits in there I want to post on here eventually.

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