Easter Egg (Predalien hint)

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This secret room is found in Mission 3 “Betrayal” during the Marine campaign. It takes place in the Forward Observation Pods suspended over a canyon on the planet LV-1201.

One of the few (if not the only) Easter Egg locations in the game! Do the following to find this in-game:

  • Jump on the conveyor belt in the Egg Storage room.
  • You’ll quickly move past the access point for it because the belt forces you in one direction.
  • Continue forward, jumping into the Egg pool.
  • Swim under and up to the power switch.
  • (Turning off the stasis field for the Egg pools also shuts down the conveyor belt.)
  • Swim back to the first Egg pool.
  • Re-enter the conveyor belt tunnel.
  • Blowtorch the grate open.
  • Snatch the goodies out of the weapon crate.
  • Continue exploring further back in the alcove.
  • At the end, you can jump up to a vent.
  • Crawl through and you’ll discover the secret room!


While a Predator was collecting trophies, he lost to a facehugger, suggesting another Predalien is on the loose…

The datapad entry was an inside poke how the AvP2 team was yearning for greener pastures on other productions at Monolith (NOLF2, Tron 2.0, and Matrix Online). At the time Monolith was in three different office buildings in a Kirkland business park.

When I add these secret rooms, I need to bury them fairly deep. The QA Department finds them otherwise, requiring me to fully debug it, test, and prevent players from “breaking it”. So, if the QA Department can’t find — it isn’t officially supported. However, that also means players might not find it!

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