Alien Mission 4 (1st vs 2nd Draft)

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During Aliens vs. Predator 2 another one of my levels went through various style and gameplay changes. Presented here are the Pre-Alpha and Beta versions. For fans or developers, it offers an interesting comparison for how the level evolved over time.

“Vengence” is Mission 4 in the Alien campaign which takes place in the Forward Observation Pods suspended over a canyon on the planet LV-1201. Your goal as an Alien drone was to infiltrate this facility and liberate your fellow Aliens from the artificial hive.

While it was team effort to create this level, I was the level designer responsible for its layout, construction, baseline scripting, lighting, and partial texturing.

Pre-Alpha Version

COMING SOON… Designer Notes for this video!

Watch the complete exploration of this level where both Marine and Alien missions occur.

Beta Version

I later updated the style and layout of this level to match the Nostromo visuals found in the first ‘Alien’ movie. Take a look at this new style and gameplay change for what was released in 2001.

COMING SOON… Designer Notes for this video!

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