Level Production

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A level starts the Beta stage when the story and script are complete. All gameplay and art has not only been added, but is deemed polished – everything is places and playable in final form. After Beta, changes are only made based on performance or optimization.

Story Dialogue

Owners: Scripter, Writer

A story outline was provided at the beginning during the Vision meeting. The writer should be constantly checking development of the level and re-evaluating the story based on team decisions. Placeholder dialogue (in text or audio form) is used up to Beta. Ideally, final dialogue and voice recordings shouldn’t be cast until a successful Alpha review. When Beta begins, all story events are considered final. The Scripter needs to let the writer know what encounters have been added or changed.

  • Confirm all expected dialogue
  • Finalize the script for voice recording


Owners: Animation, Audio, Scripter, Writer

Cineractives are story moments requiring special animation or key dialogue which takes place in real-time (not cutscenes). Animation and Audio work with the Writer and Scripter until all major story events are finalized.

  • Replace all placeholder animation, dialogue, or text with official assets.


It’s now gorgeous and exciting – does it perform?


  • Art – Lead, FX, Lighting, Environment
  • Audio
  • Design – Scripters, Writer
  • Tech – (Lead?)
  • Producer

If successful:

  • Beta complete!
  • Everyone agrees on the final story events.
  • Any changes to the Blueprint or Flowchart are noted in the Level Doc
  • The level is handed to Q/A for final assessment.

If unsuccessful:

  • 2 days are given to incorporate feedback then re-reviewed.


Beta Complete!

Release Candidate

All level content complete. Performance, environment, and faulty gameplay have been addressed.

Play Test

The level is now officially passed to the QA department for heavy-duty testing.

Baby Proof

After the QA Department has tested and documented poor performance area or locations where the player can “break” the game, it is assigned back to the Designer, Artists, and Audio for fixes.


It’s now pretty and fun – can it be broken?


  • All Leads
  • Producer


Release Candidate Complete!

Gold Master

Package it with the rest of the game and send to the printer! Pop the cork and celebrate!

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