The Suffering: Oblivion

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As proof-of-concept, Surreal Software presented a “First Playable” demo to the publisher Midway in 2005 for the sequel to The Suffering. Before it was sub-titled Ties That Bind, it was simply Oblivion. It was also South of Heaven for a spell.

I was the designer for the second half (warehouse and basement). Animation, FX, and textures were added by other team talent. More puzzle and spook moments were spread throughout, but unfortunately not captured in the Walkthrough video below.


Three different music tracks were used for this trailer. The Johnny Cash one is the most memorable.


Most of the original gameplay is presented here next. Gameplay not shown: the flashback (see below), climbing down to the basement, and finding your way into the warehouse. The paramilitary “Foundation” group makes its first appearance here. Their earliest incarnation had them as a FEMA response unit!


Here’s the complete flashback scene. It’s broken in parts due to missing pieces (captured in 2012), so expect some tech-rot. At the end of the scene, you could choose to engage the cops by picking up a gun and shooting (Evil) or holding back (Good).

FYI, the character Skid became Kaz who evolved into the Miles character you see in the final game.

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  1. Wow! Those videos really brought back the memories – good for you keeping the archives. :)

  2. Yeah, I still had a disc from way back when! Weren’t you the one that cut the trailer?

  3. Yes, I definitely did the trailer – may have had a hand in capturing and editing the other two as well. This also reminded me of doing the live action reference video for the Skid cinematic. I was Torque, Andrew Poon was Carmen, and Noah was Skid…it was a riot – I think that video ended up as the reward for beating the game on insane mode or something.

  4. Oh sh*t! I think I remember that now… do you know if that video actually made it into the game? (I’m trying to remember all the easter eggs)

  5. Yes, I put together an edit with Rouse explaining the whole initial Skid approach and interspersed clips of this cinematic with our goofy live action bit. I think it was an additional end of game reward for beating insanity mode. Wasn’t able to include the best moment though – Noah’s first “pull of the gun” move was more “Crazy Hawaii 5-0” than “gangsta” and sent Andrew and I into immediate hysterics! Absolutely hilarious video clip.

  6. I’ll see if I can find it on my copy — I don’t think it exists in YouTube land yet.

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