Impossible Reward

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If you completed the sequel on Impossible difficulty, you were rewarded this behind-the-scenes video.

OH, the lengths I went to get you this video! I don’t think anyone’s seen this. I certainly can’t find it anywhere on YouTube. Enjoy some “amazing thespian talents”, as Rouse puts it.

The flashback was part of an internal vertical slice — read more about it in the post The Suffering: Oblivion. If you want to see the flashback without two Torques, give this next video a look. I swapped in Miles’ model for Skid’s. The cop cars that arrive later in the scene had missing animation, so it’s not a perfect scene.

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  1. Tagging in Richard Rouse III, Chris Klimecky, and Noah Heller for this fabulous little gem from 2005.

  2. Wow, this is about as embarrassing as it gets. I think Andrew made out worse than I did by a hair.

  3. You found it! That is a goddamn riot! I think we put you up to that about 2nd week on the job, wasn’t it, Noah? Classic. :)

  4. I had to find some 3rd party program to extract the video from the level’s .vdu (that was the hardest part, since I first tried to rewire the level to play it at gamestart which didn’t work). Then I had to merge the audio track with the video. After that, get a program to convert it to a standard format (was 512×512).

    Thankfully, it’s done – saved – and posted in HD.

    Wish we would’ve recorded more studio bits! I remember a day where Rouse, Andre, and some others recorded interviews, but I don’t recall seeing those anywhere.

  5. Yeah, you standing there looking all tough reminds me of all the debates about whether Torque should talk or not.

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