Easter Egg (Designer’s Office)

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This secret Designer’s room I added is found in Chapter 17 (after the Drowning Pool). Steps to unlock it:

  1. Destroy all 7 Mainliner needles in the basement.
  2. Destroy the Slayer head on the shelf near the front door.
  3. Then destroy the Slayer head in the desk in the middle room.
  4. Then destroy the Slayer head in the desk in the basement.
  5. Once done, a breakable doorway appears in the far corner.
  6. Break through it and enter the Lead Designer’s (Andre Maguire) office!
  • The Lead Systems Designer (Todd Clineschmidt) is dead under the window.
  • Carefully approach the Lead’s body at his desk…
  • He’ll swing around, wake up, and scream; causing his head to explode.
  • The telephone rings…
  • Answer it and a patient of Killjoy will speak with you briefly.
  • On the ground nearby is a broken, bloody guitar.
  • You’ll also find Midway’s 2005 catalog of games on the floor.
  • Exit through the doorway to return to the apartment basement.

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  1. ps. The Suffering is a horror game.

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