Campaign Overview

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Points of Interest

To recreate the real events for Six Days in Fallujah (SDIF) the team needed to know as much as they could about the Battle.  Early on, several Marines worked directly with the team to share as much information as they could.  Later in 2009, more Marines contributed further to the authenticity. Read Omohundro’s guidance was invaluable to the project.

When I joined the project earlier, it already had a wealth of raw information, such as which Marine company traveled which Phase Line and how larger events affect the House-to-House orders.  I did my own research and found even more material as well as locating several key locations based on different written accounts (see an upcoming post about that).

Fig 1: Marine activity and landmarks

Fig 2: Insurgent activity

With the physical locations known, the next step was determining which Marine accounts and news reports had a story to tell at each point-of-interest.  Several books provided vivid details of victory, tragedy, and fortitude.  Some of those were:

That information became the basis for missions in SDIF.

Fig 3: A sample of accounts in the Battle.

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