No One Lives Forever 2

The critical success of No One Lives Forever (NOLF) prompted an obvious sequel. After Aliens versus Predator 2 wrapped, I was asked to join Monolith’s “Gold Team” for NOLF2 as the Lead Multiplayer Designer. The team wanted a more competitive multiplayer option beyond the classic deathmatch PvP.

Counter-Strike was highly popular at the time and helped give the NOLF2 Multiplayer a direction. The original design was Unity vs. Harm with team-based goals, featuring a currency reward system for in-game upgrades after each round.

Because Singleplayer was behind schedule, that design was shelved. To fill the void, I came up with a lighter design. By creating a Multiplayer 4-player CO-OP mode, it could use the existing Singleplayer levels with only a few additions, featuring you as Unity agents paralleling Cate Archer’s storyline.

The remainder of my time on the project was spent fine-tuning the Singleplayer levels: India, Siberia, HARM’s Underwater Base, and UNITY’s Headquarters.

More public details are on Wikipedia.

Monolith Productions
Time on project

  • December 2001 – June 2002


  • Level Designer
  • Scripter


Designed a 4-player CO-OP multiplayer mode after prototyping a separate competitive teamplay mode. Amplified single-player encounters with layout and mission scripting. Responsible for environment lighting and gameplay mood.