Mafia 3 World Maps

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Primary Maps


Aerial View

(Download HUGE version)


Game Menu

(Download HUGE version)

Bonus Maps

  • CIA Satellite: Before Donovan showed up he grabbed the latest CIA imagery of the region
  • Road Atlas: Visiting New Bordeaux? Dig out that map from your glovebox for all your tourist needs! Complete with notes from Lincoln & Donovan. I’ve no idea who’s blood that is though
  • Heightmap: For developers and hikers.




Road Atlas

(Link to HUGE version)


Road Atlas Details

The Road Atlas map is something I’m real happy with getting in. It features a lot of info about the world you don’t find in-game — like…

Names of places…

Notes from Donovan…

And special locations — 
Like the Bayou cemetery. This was made for a scene cut from the start of the game. Other trivia, the canal row of cabins at Bourbon Digs was made for a gun fight then never used.

GTA 5 Comparison

A fun thing to do with the HUGE maps… they’re the same scale as the original GTA5 maps.

Google Maps

You can even play around with this like a Google Map to find lost airplanes or secret routes!

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