Bioshock 4


Cloud Chamber
Time on project

  • September 2017 – November 2019




Design and development the game’s biome-based ecologies for open-world content.  Lead a team of open-world designers.  Establish quality expectations for the open-world team to create content as memorable and engaging as its counterpart campaign team.

World Structure

Gather city architecture and narrative requirements and synthesize these with design and technical requirements into a functional world map.  Provide editorial oversight of layout work by assigned level architects who are tasked with building the walkable experience.  Provide guidance and feedback to the technical constraints for open-world content.  Provide guidance and feedback as to the pacing density of systemic content.

Living World

Responsible for the in-game expression of dynamic open-world city-life, including hostile and non-hostile characters across relevant biomes.  Provide solutions for systemic content management, such as dynamic pacing and spawning of open-world encounters.