Nostromo prototype level

11 years, 10 months ago 2

In light of returning to the source like Prometheus did, here’s a test level I made recreating the Nostromo ship from Alien while working on “Aliens versus Predator 2”.

The Forward Observation Pods in AvP2 were purposely styled after the Nostromo, including the octagon hallways. Plus, I made the crew lounge in the Pods like the crew’s kitchen in Alien. That was the starting point for this level. The next area I built was the sleep chamber. The Autodoc room was the following room planned. The cabinets had already been built (and were used in AvP2).

The fun part was trying to figure out a functional layout based on the what was shown in the film. (I actually enjoy piecing together puzzle like that. In fact, I recently unraveled a location in Blade Runner for Prey 2…).

Unfortunately, other projects soon took up my spare time and I didn’t finish constructing the layout. I video captured what I had for curious fans.

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  1. i remember this of course. The game was probably the most fun in my 16.5 years in game development.

  2. Yeah, the team really hit its stride towards the end. I would’ve been an awesome team to do sequel. Wish FOX had given us Colonial Marines when they first tried during that same year.

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