“Alley” Multiplayer Level

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“Alley” is a Multiplayer level released for Aliens versus Predator 2 with the official “Multiplayer Map Pack 1”. It comes in a variety of modes: Deathmatch, Team Deathmatch, Evac, Hunt, Overrun, and Survivor.

I was the designer solely responsible for its layout, construction, lighting, scripting, and balancing. The “Alley” map series were an instant hit with the fans, scoring 1st Place in AVP2 Multiplayer Maps of that season with a whopping 45% of the vote (2nd Place went to “Fury 151” with 14%).

At the time, most Multiplayer maps were static mazes and arenas. I pushed it further and introduced multiple stages and interaction events. Blastdoors, secret routes, destructible objects, and a periodic rainstorm presented more strategic opportunities for each species. Aliens, Predators, and Humans all had special places to leverage their unique skillsets. This extra layer of choice and narrative helped blur the lines between robust Singleplayer missions and frag-fest Multiplayer matches.



Next is a short look at the Predator class running through “Alley”.

COMING SOON… Designer Commentary for this video!

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  1. hah. funny. i remember this pretty well.

  2. very shortly after this normal maps were implemented. its the end of an era.

  3. Yeah – I’m still waiting for our Release Party!

  4. that was an awesome game… too bad the follow up versions were bad

  5. release party??? hmm gave up long ago Nathan. :)

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