CITYSPEAK: THE SPECIAL EDITION is the fanzine version of CITYSPEAK, Sara Campbell’s BLADERUNNER letterzine. It is very much as Sara had left it the week she went into the hospital. It was my decision to leave it that way, and present CITYSPEAK more or less as Sara conceived it.


To bring CITYSPEAK to press, I contacted all the contri¬≠butors from addresses in Sara’s files to get final versions of their manuscripts. Some had major revisions. Some I never heard from. Some were unable to complete stories begun with Sara’s editorial insight; perhaps someday their works will appear in other zines.


MEMORIES OF GREEN, the novel printed here, was finished on August 4, 1988, the day before Sara went into the hospital. The version you will read was typed by Sara, and printed out by Jean Stevenson from disks Sara left behind. MEMORIES OF GREEN is a work in progress. The manuscript cover was labeled “Second Draft” — and Sara would probably pound us into the nearest word-processor if she knew we were printing it as is — “unpolished” and without those small changes every author makes to the final draft. But the story is good enough to stand it; read it and see.


There will be no sequel to CITYSPEAK: THE SPECIAL EDITION. I have included the names and addresses (where I had them) of the zine’s contributors at the end of the zine, and bios where they were provided. Please send your letters of comment directly to the contributors to let them know how much you enjoyed their work — they will have no other way of knowing.


Thank you, contributors, for your support, and subscribers, for your patience. A very special ‘thank you’ goes to Jean Stevenson and Joyce Yasner. They printed out everything of CITYSPEAK that Sara had had on disk; without their assistance, the zine literally could not have been published.


I hope you will enjoy CITYSPEAK: THE SPECIAL EDITION. The mistakes, omissions, and errors are entirely mine.


The vision — stories, poetry, articles, and art — is Sara Campbell’s.


eluki bes shahar
January 1988